Boost your customer retention rates.
Parma CRM makes it easy to build lasting relationships with your customers and partners.
Monitor relationship health.
Increase customer lifetime value by proactively monitoring relationship health. Keep track of the most valuable and up-to-date information about your relationships.

Stay in touch, reduce churn.
When the time arrives, Parma will tell you which relationships require your attention today.

Track customer touchpoints.
Know how customers engage with your business through 1-click integrations. Sync customer interactions from the calendar, help desk, sales CRM, payment systems, and more.

Engage across all customer facing teams.
All teams, including sales, support, success, product, executives, and others can access customer data and contribute to customer success and satisfaction.

Try out Parma CRM.
Parma is a relationship-centric CRM for smaller businesses that want to build lasting relationships with their customers and partners.
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