Empowering lasting business relationships.
Parma is a relationship-centric CRM for smaller businesses that want to build lasting relationships with their customers and partners.

Relationship first!
A lot has changed in the world. What didn't change, though, is that successful businesses rely on strong long-term relationships.

Modern CRMs suck at building relationships.
Ask the CEO of any company if they track their relationships in the corporate CRM. We bet they give you multiple excuses why they don't do it today. We heard a few: it's too complex; it takes too much time; I don't have a user in our CRM; our CRM is for sales only.

Modern sales-focused CRMs evolved into complex platforms for sales departments to help them convert leads, close deals, and calculate commissions. Sales-focused CRMs encourage a "sell and forget" culture and are unsuitable for empowering lasting business relationships.

We need a different type of CRM.
We believe that the CRM of the future should be built on top of a different set of assumptions:
  1. It should be about relationships, not sales pipelines. Focus and priority are on the relationship with the person or organization.
  2. It should encourage you to stay in touch with your valuable relationships.
  3. It should not require an army of consultants to get started. It should be user-friendly and straightforward to use.
  4. Relationships don't happen when you sit behind the computer. The mobile experience is more important than the desktop.
  5. It is not for the sales department only. Other teams hold important relationships in the business and will also be using the tool.
Parma is our take on relationship-centric CRM. We intend to rethink the CRM concept and build it from the ground up by putting relationships at the center.

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