Sales focused
Relationship-centric CRM.
When other CRMs focus on building pipelines & follow the „sell and forget“ approach, Parma CRM will empower you to build lasting business relationships for long-term success.

Decluttered & clean profiles.
Keep track of the most valuable and up-to-date information about your relationships. As a result, everyone on your team can easily find necessary information when doing business.

Segment your relationships.
Every relationship is unique and requires different information. Parma CRM lists allow you to group your relationships and track specific information relevant to this group.

Stay in touch with reminders.
For each group, set the frequency of how often you would want to stay in touch. When the time arrives, Parma will tell you which relationships require your attention today.

Connect tasks
to your relationships.
Parma CRM will remind you of outstanding actions against each account so you won't miss any opportunity. Keep promises and build trust in your relationships.

Your relationships wherever you go.
Business relationships are not built in front of the computer. They happen when you travel, visit an event, or meet occasionally. Parma CRM mobile app gives you access to your relationship notes on the go.

Connected to your calendar.
We all hate manually entering data into CRM. Parma CRM integrates with your calendar to recommend adding people you meet.

Try out Parma CRM.
Parma is a relationship-centric CRM for smaller businesses that want to build lasting relationships with their customers and partners.
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